Fishing is Year-Round in Sturgeon Bay

Keep that fishing gear handy, you can use it all year in Door County. Located on Sturgeon Bay’s West Side just north of the Michigan Street Bridge, Lily Pad Cottage and Eagle View Suite offer accommodations that are in the “no wake zone” and are just a short boat ride to offer easy access to the Flats,  Sawyer Harbor, Larsons Reef and other fishing hotspots. 

Trout & Salmon fishing

Trout and Salmon catches on the boat of Nooo Problem Charters. Photo by Bill Luer.

The waters around Door County host over 170 species of fish. Species of Door county include: Bass, Musky, Perch, Salmon, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brown Trout, Steelhead, and Whitefish. During Spring and Fall, Sturgeon Bay is known as one of the top Smallmouth Bass fisheries in North America.

Smallmouth Bass from the waters of Sturgeon Bay. Photo by Jim Sommers.

If tournaments are your game, each year during the spring and fall seasons, come for the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament. Fall is an opportunity to catch the largest fish of the entire fishing season. With the days getting shorter and the daytime temperatures getting cooler, the water temperatures begin to drop, telling the fish that winter is coming, which begins the incredible fall feeding frenzy. 

Walleye remains near deep weeds until late summer.  Looking to catch Whitefish? Within sight is Sand Bay and the Western Shores of Green Bay, which hold all of these species and Whitefish. From Lily Pad Cottage and Eagle View Suite, if you have a snowmobile for ice fishing, you can get onto the ice at Otumba Park beach, around the corner. 

Northern Pike

Proud catch of the day, a Northern Pike. Photo by Jim Sommers

Ice Fishing in Sturgeon Bay for Whitefish is quickly becoming the hottest bite through the ice in Wisconsin. Furthermore, almost all of the summer species are catchable throughout the Winter for the popular sport of ice fishing. Check out our guide which also lists Ice Fishing Charters.

ice fishing sturgeon bay

All in a day’s fun, ice fishing haul in the waters of Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay. Photo by Bill Luer

The angler favorites on the catch list in the winter include:

Northern Pike
Brown Trout

These species remain under the ice, very close to Sturgeon Bay, with the Outer and Inner Bay being great fishing spots.

ice fishing sturgeon bay

Ice Fishing in Sturgeon Bay with Bay Shipbuilding as the backdrop. Photo by Alisa Landman


For a complete list, click here


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